Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To ....

One and only persons who i love truly much in my entire life ...


Each child will feel that they more closely with their mother than their father. They are also usually more object words from the mother's father. This is because person named MOTHER pregnant and give birth.

But the mother has a very powerful weapon, and that's absolutely PRAYER. When a mother is always good to pray for his son, God-willing, be good children and be spared from the evil. Conversely, if a mother condemned his son, then UNFORTUNATELY UNLUCKY fate of the child. Nauzubillah... Therefore, a child must be careful in maintaining good relations with their parents. Each child must be dedicated and do good to his parents.

Parents also need to realize anything, the character of each child is not THE SAME. Every child has the character or characters. There is compliant to the parents and others who acting gross to her parents. This is where lies the patience to test the mother and father. A mother or father can not produce a fast angry and curse words is to him. For example, 'monkey child', 'devil child' and so much. This is because the words that is good or bad that expressed by parents to their children is prayer and Allah is Hearing all the prayers.

In this regard the Prophet Muhammad asserted that God does not reject the prayer of parents for their children .. Consequently, good parents help their children achieve success in life, whether in this world nor in the Hereafter, pray with them. Vice versa, children also need to pray for their parents. Thus a good relationship between parents and children.

But here, I want to emphasize more the importance of a mother living in children.She teaches me how to walk, how to dress myself, and how to sing my ABC’s. She is the one that pays attention to my favorite snacks and surprises me with them in my lunch box. She teaches me how to share and most importantly, she teaches me that she is there for me whenever i may need her.

My definition of a mother is my mother not only because she did everything I mentioned, but because of all of the valuable lessons she has taught me and the emotional and physical support she has provided for me.Ever since I was a child, my mother has taught me to treat people the way I would have liked to be treated. She had taught me to believe in the good in people and to not hold grudges.

Being such an incredible person, she had taught me that it is okay to be weak and emotional because she would always be there for me to confide in. "Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them."

#Thanks to MAMA, Zaharah bt. Md. Radzi because concerned a lot things about me although i'm very sure i not acting such you wanted from me. Instead , i will try my best to make you happier as long as i still breath.I will protect only you, like I was born for you. I will stay by your side forever so you won't be lonely.

I will love you til the world comes to an end. If its something that makes you happy, I'll do all of it. I'll risk everything for you as I keep on living.I wish I could get hurt in your place. I wish I could experience all of your sadness in your place. You are my love that the heavens have granted. Because I don't exist without you.

When I wake up alone (I remember you), When I eat alone (I miss you), Sometimes living is too much. When I want to lean on someone, When I dream about you (I want to hug you), When I see someone like you. These moments make me miss you more.

It has to be you,I can't live without you.Because I love you, I love you so much, mama.You have all of my heart.

Sincerely by your son,

Muhammad Asyraff Bin Surtan Adam.


dakgmOk said...

sgt touching..


sy nk rekemenkan lgu yg sgt seswai utk seorang ibu..

God Must Has Spent A Little More Time On You by 'N SYNC

here's a lil bit of the song:

your love is like a river peaceful and deep,
your soul is like a secret that i never could keep,
when i look into your eyes i know that it's true,
God must has spent a little more time on you...

korunk sume try lar dgr..


asyraff said...

dakgmOk : thnx 4 da song.
bez..touching... diz song let my tears came out..hu5