Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you doing okay?

Are you doing okay?
Aren’t you sick?

I’m becoming worried of you being without me
I hope you eat well even if you’re busy
Bundle up when it gets cold

Live your life bravely and do not cry
I held a pen suddenly thinking of you
Are you eating well on your own?
I’m worrying today too

You know how much I care about you?

I think about you
Even though I know I can’t be like this

Today I’m only thinking about you
I’m worrying about you all day long...

P/s :
1# Thanks to kak dayah and kak nisa because helped me to change the 'new' background.
2# I can't hardly waiting you to come home ... I'VE BEEN MISSING YOU CRAZILY :'(


miyra said...

nice! :)

miyra said...

thinking b0ut him t0o!

asyraff said...

miyra : nice too! :)

miyra : sape 'him' tu??

miyra said...

'him' t0.. **lm* ar! hak9

asyraff said...

miyra : owhh.. k2