Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

Yeah ! Maybe it's true , i can't live without 'you'. :'(

This 'You' refered to INTERNET lorh. Hahaha. XD

Everyday i'm still doing the same things . Eat, sleep too much than ever, watch tv, Online, play chest chess (this was new activity, discovered by my younger brother, quite hard, at least challenged my rusted-brain) and so on. So tedious , right??

I have another 20 ++ days to become a 'new' student of UiTM Penang. *sigh*
Hopefully i will through this life with new activities that could give more benefit to my brain.

Everyday, when i opened my ass eyes , in my head, there's only one thing. INTERNET! INTERNET! INTERNET!

Can you see how important INTERNET for me ? * Damn! I must forget 'it' before 'him' control my haid head *

P/s :
My life would MORE suck if i lose you sweetheart! Say three words that you used to do. Everyday that passes, i'm missing you !!! There's something i gotta say, you will always with me eventhough you faraway. It's all about you baby ^__^


Anonymous said...

i miss u too darla~



asyraff said...

Anonymous : ;DD 1439XOXOXO